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Enterprise Content Delivery Network

(ECDN provides stable and efficient network acceleration services for mixed dynamic, pure dynamic, transnational, upload and other acceleration scenarios. The ECDN network is rich in resources and incorporates static caching, intelligent routing, protocol optimization, multiplexing, anti-jitter and other self-developed technologies for more effective acceleration.

Dynamic and static fusion All-in-one efficiency
ECDN is applicable to one-stop acceleration of mixed dynamic and static resources. It can realize simultaneous acceleration of all types of resources on the same platform and automatically identify dynamic and static resources. Static resources can be intelligently assigned the optimal service nodes according to Tencent’s self-developed GSLB system; dynamic resources can be quickly returned to the source based on back-to-source routing optimization technology.

Quality Nodes for Global Acceleration
Tencent Cloud ECDN deploys more than 1,000 service nodes in traditional acceleration network distribution nodes, covering more than 50 countries and regions around the world, with a network of interconnection and interoperability to meet your international business needs, effectively solving the problems of network instability and high access latency caused by cross-operator and cross-region.

Stable and Reliable Performance Guarantee
Supporting global load balancing, seamless disaster recovery switching, and intelligent fault handling, ECDN’s full-link performance guarantee mechanism from the user side to the source station creates a high-availability, high-stability, and high-reliability acceleration service experience, ensuring efficient and high-quality acceleration.

All-optimal protocol Flexible scheduling
The platform incorporates Tencent’s self-developed protocol optimization algorithm and congestion control algorithm, overlaid with artificial intelligence classification technology, to realize powerful auxiliary acceleration functions such as high-quality edge node allocation, dynamic path back to source, and intelligent classification identification, to ensure acceleration service quality.

Security protection, transmission with confidence
After user requests are connected to the site-wide acceleration network, private protocol transmission is used to ensure data privacy and security; full link HTTPS protection, and can support the transmission of certificate-free security protocol, solid and reliable basic security defense, to protect your business transmission.

Service Guarantee Technical Consultation
We provide 7×24 online technical support, regular network quality assessment and optimization assistance, and professional hands-on training. The expert team responds in a timely manner, and the documentation guide is detailed and complete, so that you can save your heart and energy and accelerate without worry.