TencentCloud Lighthouse

TencentCloud Lighthouse is a new generation of out-of-the-box, lightweight application-oriented cloud server products, helping SMEs and developers to easily and efficiently build websites, web applications, small programs/games, APPs, e-commerce applications, cloud disks/platforms and development and testing environments in the cloud, which are easier to use and closer to applications than ordinary cloud servers, selling cloud resources in the form of packages and providing high-bandwidth traffic packages, packaging popular open source software to build applications with one click, and providing a minimalist cloud experience.

Light Experience
One-stop convergence of computing, storage, networking and other common basic cloud services simplifies the complexity of creating and managing cloud servers and applications, and provides a minimalist experience.

Light Applications
Out-of-the-box popular and high-quality application mirror, pre-built with the optimal combination of software stacks required for websites, blogs, forums and other applications, with one-click deployment and second-start applications.

Light Investment
Compute, storage and network resources are sold in packages with high-bandwidth traffic packages for clear and intuitive expenses and overall better value for money.

Light Operations and Maintenance
Operations and maintenance management from the server to the application system within the server can be done in a unified, visual management console.